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Tuesday, December 31

Well, it's nearly 2003. In many parts of the world it's already 2003. And I'm not out partying because I don't really feel up to it. (Of all the nights to feel like sitting down in a comfy chair and not moving!) And yes, I would have gone to a party thing. At Ashingdon Free Church. They were going to play Pictionary with balloons, for crying out loud!

So I'm here, watching "The 100 best TV moments of 2002" on Channel 4. Extreme Ironing, a programme Ali was particularly keen on, came in at number 90. Which, considering it was on really really late and wasn't exactly well advertised, is rather good. :)

Last night's TV was more exciting in some ways because there was none. We had a four hour long powercut. What made this even more fun was that Ivan and his parents were coming round for dinner - a dinner that we couldn't cook because we have an electric oven! So we had fish and chips instead.

Anyway, happy new year to you all.

Not that it really matters. The transition from one year to another is meaningless, really, isn't it? It's like birthdays. Nothing really changes.

I kinda spoilt the moment there, didn't I? *grin*

Oh well. :D

Monday, December 30

"Oh Rimmer, you are a smeghead!"

"Well it probably is de ja vu, it sounds like it."

"You monkeys eat off the floor?!"

"How'm I looking? I'm looking nice! I'm looking nice, my shadow's looking nice... what a team!"

"Morning Farmer Lister, I'm just popping down to the shops in my submarine."

Wow. Just updated the sidebar and realised how much TV I've watched over Christmas. Although there were days when I didn't watch any TV at all. The TV hasn't been all that exciting. What have been the TV highlights? Well...

I wasn't going to do the BBC's Test the Nation quiz, but I was downstairs and mum made me. She was doing it, you see. Maybe she wanted competition, I don't know! Anyway, I beat her, just. I (apparently) knew quite a bit about the current affairs of 2002! I scored 67%, which was above average. I like it when I'm above average at things. :)

It was entertaining, and when the BBC finally get the results put up online the statistics should be worth a read. Their latest estimate is 7th January. Which means you can still do the test online, if you want to.

The other thing that was highly amusing (and thought provoking for sci-fi fans) was Cruise of the Gods. I'll paste in the synopsis from the BBC website:

A one off special, Cruise of the Gods, and stars Rob Brydon as Andy Van Allen, the former hero of Children of Castor, a fictional Eighties cult TV show.

Andy's career has since taken a nosedive and he is now working as a hotel porter. Meanwhile, his co-star, Nick Lee (Steve Coogan) has shot to fame in the syndicated US show Sherlock Holmes in Miami, sold around the world.

An unusual offer may rescue Andy from obscurity. The Children of Castor fan club have invited him on a fan cruise. But all is not plain sailing when an unexpected death and a misguided sexual encounter change the course of Andy's life.

The synopsis doesn't do the show justice. The main plot centres around an actor called Andy. What's it like to be a sci-fi actor who doesn't get any work (apart from a time travel film about a boy called Billy and his time travelling bike) when his show ends?

Andy starts off as an arrogant sort of man who thinks that all the fans are pathetic and doesn't really want anything to do with them. He feels this way even though most of them probably have better jobs than he does. Plus Children of Castor was a truly awful show in the first place. Anything that features lines like, "When will we learn the lesson of potato"... well!

The more we see of Andy the more we realise that (although the sci-fi fans are truly sad and pathetic) he's just as sad and pathetic if not more. He actually believes he's a good actor (or does he?). He hates the fans who admire him. He's willing to take advantage of their admiration. And when his successful co-star turns up, he's even more aware of how pathetically sad his life has become.

The story does have a happy ending, though. In the end he discovers that there's one person on board who agrees that the show was complete and utter rubbish - and that person's the illegitimate son of someone who played a mutoid on Children of Castor. The only reason he was a "fan" was because it was the only connection he had with his father. He persuades Andy to put on one last show for the fans, and they live happily ever after.


It's hard to explain. It was a complicated sort of plot, touching on a lot of issues. Someone had done some excellent sci-fi fan research!

It was all very amusing. And sad. Good stuff.

There's just one more thing I want to say. And I'm not sure why. Too much Red Dwarf, probably.

"I've been fished to death!"

Sorry. :D

Friday, December 27

Phew, family stuff is over. *grin*

It wasn't too bad. Grandparents and my scary aunt. Yikes! :D

Shall I tell you what was in my huge haul of presents? Heh... I did get tons more than I thought I would. I didn't think I'd get anything much from Mum and Dad, since they bought me a printer and scanner. But I have cool things! And apparently I have several friends willing to spend considerable amounts of cash on me! Woo-hoo!

  • Randall and Hopkirk Series 2 DVD
  • Colour changing James Bond mug
  • Gorillaz Phase 1: Celebrity Takedown DVD
  • Madness "Our House" CD
  • A chocolate H from Belgium
  • Butterscotch toffee eclair sweets from Belgium
  • Red Dwarf Series 1 DVD
  • Die Another Day soundtrack
  • Robbie Williams Escapology CD
  • Bionicle Lego: Kopaka Nuva
  • Shampoo
  • Strange fragranced fruit shaped wood
  • Tiny radio with headphones
  • £2 Boots voucher
  • £52 cash
  • Scented candle in springy stand thing
  • Cat necklace
  • Mini cat address book
  • 1:24 Radio controlled Mitsubushi Lancer rally car
  • In-ear digital headphones
  • Santa's fun book
  • Two pairs of Christmassy socks
  • Two pairs of red and white checked pyjamas
  • Chocolate covered gingerbread biscuits
  • Hollow chocolate Santa
  • CD-ROM pens
  • Cadbury selection box
  • Cinammon scented candles
  • White and blue socks
  • Academic diary

    Exciting stuff, eh? :D

    I might hit the sales later and spend some of my cash. Woo-hoo!

    And I think people liked the presents we got them. Nanny and Grandad looked worried at the prospect of a CD player (for which we bought CD's and a CD storage device), but my other Nan told them CD players were so easy to operate that even she could do it. We gave her a phone for her main present, and she's plugged that in already. So that must have been okay.

    John wore his jumper on Christmas Day, and he's tried to play his Insyderz CD's. But Dad keeps putting Shania Twain's album on (we bought it for him, we brought it upon ourselves!) and running away. So then he has to put it on again because he says he hasn't listened to it all the way through. Well, I've listened to it a lot now. But I haven't had time to listen to my own CD's. Aargh!

    Amazon came through with Mum's present, and the Millers Collectables book was just what she wanted. So bonus points there. As with the metal thimbles I bought from eBay!

    Not bad, really...!

    Oh, and scary aunt seemed to like her maze pen. She spent ages doing it. :D

    Ta ta then. :)

  • Tuesday, December 24

    Well, Happy Christmas to you all! I will be spending tomorrow doing the following:

    1) Opening presents
    2) Going to church
    3) Having dinner/tea at my Nan's, with my Mum, Dad and brother
    4) Sleeping

    I don't feel particularly excited - I'd hate to think I've outgrown the whole Christmas present giving thing. Yikes! We always used to go carol singing on Christmas Eve, around the streets of Ashingdon. That made me feel Christmassy. That was me and the people from my church. I used to play the accordion. We raised money for charity. But the problem with carol singing today is that no-one can hear you! They have double glazing and unless you go and knock on people's doors they're none the wiser. I can't help but think that's spoiled one part of Christmas. The only carol singers we get these days are little kids who don't know any of the words and want money...

    So here I am.

    But (excellent Christmas present!) the Inland Revenue have given me £257 back - all the tax I paid this year! Woo-hoo!

    Still not feeling Christmassy...

    But hey. :p

    Monday, December 23

    Date-O-Matic result

    I'm 96% compatible with Jonas Quinn, but I programmed it, so maybe I fixed it. :p

    We might never know...

    Sunday, December 22

    Now I'm at home I've swapped my blueyonder e-mail account over so that I can collect the e-mails on my laptop. But it hardly seems worth it. The amount of actual mail as opposed to spam is negligible! So I've decided to try SpamCop to report spam. I suppose if enough people do it then the amount of spam might actually decrease. I'm not sure how likely that is, though... Anyway, it's interesting to see all the routes things have taken.

    I received 19 e-mails via my blueyonder account and they were all spam! I received about 28 from my other two addresses and only one of those was spam. I can't help but think that's suspicious... That was in 24 hours, and weekends always seem to accumulate less mail than weekdays.

    Some time later...

    Wow, reporting took a lot longer than I thought it would. I don't have much time left to write stuff - I ought to sleep soon. I suppose. Although I expect I'll end up watching Randall and Hopkirk or reading. :)

    I meant to say something about my night out on Friday. John (my brother) bought me a ticket and we went to see Elco Jones. They're funkin' good soul, apparently. But it was pretty good! They played for over two and a half hours! And they did quite a few Blues Brothers songs, including the one that invites us to shake our tailfeathers. :D And obviously "Everybody Needs Somebody". Classic. :)

    But they also did some interesting versions of things, like "Loveshack" and "Sleepy Jean". I never thought I'd hear songs like that played by a sort of blues/soul band. Woo-hoo!

    I wanted to know why they were called Elco Jones, but the history page says this:

    Warren has once already added the history of Elco Jones and I have destroyed it.

    "Warren can you type it again please"


    They were loud, and musically very good. Although you couldn't always hear the singers. Oh well.

    I'm sure there were other things I wanted to say.


    Saturday, December 21

    I've finished my Christmas shopping! And I've wrapped everything!


    Thursday, December 19

    I'm back in Southend. The traffic was pretty awful. It took about 3 and a quarter hours to drive from Leicester. It's only, what, 140 miles or so? Something like that. Oh well.

    This LucasArts Christmas card is pretty cool!


    Slaapwel. :)

    Oh, and they didn't leave fingerprints, just in case you were wondering.

    Gloves all round. :(

    You know the odd thing about the car stereo thieves? They took all the sound stuff, all the CD's (including the Christian ones - even the compilation one I made for John) except the Jeff Buckley one I'd left in there and the new Oasis album (which had been in the CD player). They took the case for the Oasis album, but not the CD. Why didn't they take the CD?! It makes the experience more palatable, in a bizarre way. :)

    Ali and I just exchanged Christmas presents, since John and I are heading back to Southend tomorrow. She bought me the special edition of the Gorillaz: Celebrity Takedown DVD! It's cool... I'll leave her to tell you what I bought her. Heh...

    Hmm, that's an odd bit of spam: "Is your hospital really clean - now you can know." I didn't even know I had a hospital!

    I wasn't sure whether I'd offended all male people with my "crude" choice on the boyfriend quiz. I was waiting for the site to start working again so that I could list the other choices! So here are all the questions and answers...

    (Mark is obviously an exception to the "crude" thing, as is James. Nice people like them are why I can't decide on any of the quiz's options!)

    What's your situation?
    I've never had a boyfriend
    I currently have a boyfriend
    I used to have a boyfriend
    I almost have a boyfriend
    I ate my boyfriend

    My answer: I've never had a boyfriend.
    (I've had a stalker, mind you!)

    Under 14
    To perfection!

    My answer: 20-30.
    (23 to be exact.)

    What's your favorite thing about yourself?
    You're pretty
    You're smart
    You're tough
    You're unique

    My answer: You're smart.
    (I'm not pretty or tough. Not sure about unique..!)

    What's a good way to end a relationship?
    The "lets be friends" technique
    "Okay boys, raise your hand if I'm your girlfriend! Ooops... not so fast, Fred..."
    Push him down and run!
    Move to another city

    My answer: the "let's be friends" technique.
    (Although this is theoretical!)

    Who picks your clothes out for you?
    My friends
    My self!
    My mom
    Somebody else

    My answer: my self!

    Pick one of these things you can do:
    Change a spark plug
    Install a hard drive
    Re-wire a wall outlet
    Make toast

    My answer: install a hard drive.
    (I can also make toast. And I could do the other things with instructions, probably.)

    Why do you wear makeup?
    I don't wear makeup, thankyouverymuch
    Because it's fun to put on
    Because I feel prettier
    To conform to society's cruel standards

    My answer: I don't wear makeup, thankyouverymuch.

    What are you best at?
    Creating things
    Being a good friend
    Solving problems
    Knowing things

    My answer: being a good friend.
    (I hope that's the case, anyway.)

    What's the best thing about womanhood?
    The clothing styles change more often
    We're not as aggressive
    We smell better
    We're smarter

    My answer: we smell better.
    (I'm basing this mostly on the smell difference between my brother's room and mine!)

    What's the worst thing about men?
    Body hair!
    They're crude
    They think they know everything
    They'll never understand women

    My answer: they're crude.
    (See, the choices are hard!)

    And finally, have you ever kicked a man, poured kerosene on him, and set him on fire?
    Not entirely

    My answer: no.

    So that was that.

    Back to Southend tomorrow..!

    Wednesday, December 18

    Today I feel very annoyed. Yesterday the worst of John and my problems was paying £4 to park in Leicester city centre. Today we had a whole new bunch of problems... Remember how the houses either side of Ali's house have been burgled? John's car was parked outside, and it was broken into last night. They took his £200 Sony car CD player (ripped out the head unit), his £120 Caliber Rally Amp (which was wired in under the passenger seat), his £70 sub (in the boot) and all the CD's as well. I think they might have left my Jeff Buckley CD. The case is there, anyway. Odd if they have. I wonder what it says about car thieves?

    We haven't touched anything because the police are going to come and take fingerprints. There are wires sticking out all over the place. They even tried to unscrew the speakers in the parcel shelf, but they left the job half finished and took off. They left a fascia from another car, too. Must have dropped it.

    When I think about how long it's taken John to set everything up, let alone be able to afford it all, it makes me very angry. But once again, it's not the fact that they took the stuff as much as that they were able to. It's a kind of violation. If you know what I mean.

    Hopefully he'll be able to get the money back with the insurance. And then he might get a car from his work and sell the Vauxhall. Obviously it's not very hard to break into. It was definitely locked, because he always checks the doors, and there was no sign of forced entry. They must have picked the locks somehow. The best thing about that car was the way he'd set all that sound stuff up. It sounded fantastic. And now it's gone.

    Happy Christmas, eh?

    Monday, December 16


    Spent quite a while shopping today. And it doesn't look like John and I bought much. Family presents are so hard!!! We're going to have to go back into town at least once. We couldn't even find one thing we wanted, so we've ordered it from Amazon. We did have a £2 off voucher in our ice cream, luckily, which almost paid for the postage. :)

    Why can't everywhere be like Play and make postage free...?

    Aside from shopping, we haven't done much. Well, I've played a bit of TimeSplitters. John is too good at it, so I need to practice if I'm going to play against him. Mind you, when we played together as a team I didn't do too badly! Since it's his PlayStation2 he's played things a lot more than I have. Not that I'd have much time to play things if I had my own console... Oh well.

    I watched the first episode of Jeremiah this evening, after The Dead Zone. It was okay. Pilot episodes are always a bit dodgy, though, so I'll have to give it another chance. :)

    Goodnight then!

    Sunday, December 15

    My brother is here. In Leicester. Wow. He's playing my bass guitar quite loudly. Sometimes he gets a note right. :)

    Stephanie has finally updated her weblog! Woo-hoo!

    Mark came round for dinner last night. We were having a Christmas meal, but the other people couldn't come in the end. So it was me, John (my brother), Mark and Ali. We had a roast dinner. It was okay. The food, I mean. The company was great. :)

    Plus Mark gave me presents. They're the first Christmas presents I've opened. Since we can't get together for Christmas Day or anything we sort of have an early Christmas every year. Or a late one. He bought me one of the things on my "I hope I get these things for Christmas" list! Namely the Randall and Hopkirk series 2 DVD. Hooray! And not only that, but he bought me a fantastic mug. It's one of these colour changing mugs. Obviously I don't have a link to the exact mug because I don't know where he bought it! But those people made it. When it gets hot you can see that it has James Bond on it. Cool. :)

    What else have I done. Not much... Dunno.

    I did one of the quizzes that Daisy mentioned on her weblog. The boyfriend one. I'm not sure what to make of the result...

    "Isn't that awesome? Yay you! You've won the quiz and will be just fine as your tough woman self."

    Hmm. I said I could put in a hard drive, because I put one into my Amiga. A while ago, admittedly. And I wasn't sure what to put in the part about what I think about men, because I didn't really think any of them. But I went with men being crude, because some of them are. :)

    That's about it, then.

    Oh, and Sky One's winter season is going to mean great TV!

    According to this Sky Press Release, Enterprise, Alias, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Stargate: Infinity are all going to be on soon. Cooool.

    Bye then. :)

    Thursday, December 12

    Do you want to surprise the BBC Derby news team? Well, I don't really either, but this could be fun. Believe me. :)

    I saw the end of the local news this evening, and they ran one of those "amusing" stories about how Swizzel-Matlow are running a competition to find new slogans for their Loveheart sweets. They want to bring them up to date.

    Maybe I ought to explain Lovehearts. They're weird fizzy circular sorts of sweets that have a heart on them with a slogan in the middle. Like, "Be Mine", "Hold Me"... stuff like that. If you go to the link above you'll see one!

    Anyway, they read out a couple of suggestions in their news coverage, and when I went to the website I discovered that those were the only suggestions they'd had! But there's a way to suggest more. If you go here you can give them your suggestions.

    I can't help but think they'll be surprised if loads of people send them things. Mwahahaha.

    What should I suggest. Hmm.....

    Wednesday, December 11

    Heh, I asked Jonas out. :)

    Dear Jonas,

    I wondered whether you would like to go out sometime. I live in the UK, and the weather's a lot more changeable here. So you might find it interesting to visit for a while. If you like. The temperature is hovering around freezing at the moment - we might even get some snow soon!

    We also have much better adverts on the TV. Or commercials, as the Americans call them. :) A lot of them are amusing 30 second long stories.

    I'm sure I could think of some other reasons we should meet up!



    And this is what he said:

    Hello Helen,

    I'm flattered by the offer. Unfortunately I don't get out much, as you probably know. Working with SG-1 takes priority over everything else. As an example, the other day I was watching a movie that Teal'c recommended called Star Wars and just when Obi-Wan starts fighting with Darth Vader with that really cool lightsaber, the klaxon's started blaring and Sgt. Davis announced that we had an unauthorized Gate activation. Turns out that it was SG-2. Major Ferretti had been captured by the inhabitants of the planet and we had to mount a rescue operation before he was forced to marry the daughter of this tribal chieftain in order to validate an alliance agreement that he had offered. When we got back, Major Ferretti said it wouldn't have been so bad except that the daughter looked like someone called Olive Oyl. I still don't know what that means.

    Anyway, I have to borrow Teal'c's copy of Star Wars again so I can finally see the end. Hopefully no emergencies will come up before I do.

    Jonas's Livejournal

    Maybe next time. :D

    Tuesday, December 10

    You know when you go to Amazon and it has those, "Customers who bought this also bought..." sections? Well...

    Customers who wear clothes also shop for:
    Clean Underwear from Amazon's Target Store
    Ladybug Rain Boots from Amazon's Nordstrom Store
    Arm Warmers from Amazon's Urban Outfitters Store
    Cheetah Print Slippers from Amazon's Old Navy Store
    For a limited time get $30 to spend at Amazon when you spend $50 in Amazon's new Apparel Store! Limit one offer per household.

    Sunday, December 8

    Wow, I haven't posted since... Wednesday. I've been busy. I almost didn't go online tonight - I was going to check my e-mails and disconnect - but I thought I ought to write some stuff before I forget everything. :)

    On the plus side, I'm feeling better within myself, although I can't vouch for my physical form. :D

    What have I done since Wednesday... well, Thursday I identified minerals under the microscope (those thin sections again!), did some Christmas shopping... that sort of stuff. The most entertaining thing that happened on Thursday was that the person who runs the course I'm on (Mark Gillings) was on the TV! Yes, he was on the BBC programme Time Flyers. I didn't know he was going to be on it, so it was an entertaining surprise. Mwahahaha.

    The programme was all about a research excavation he'd carried out, trying to find an avenue of stones at Avebury. (Land of stone circles, etc..!) The avenue had been documented by William Stukely, who was rather keen on recording things. Unfortunately, they didn't find the stone avenue. So not only is he sad because he didn't find anything, but his lack of finding anything was televised. Aaah.

    What made him being on the TV even more amusing was that he took us on a field trip the next day (Friday). He drove six of us, in a minibus, to York. And he got lost a lot. Honestly, he can't find anything. :p

    (I'm being mean.)

    I was the only person to see his TV appearance - I think he'd been hoping no-one would see it. And you know what made things even stranger? It was his birthday on Friday. We bought him a weird neolithic man in York, with a crazy beard and a stone raised above his head (in order to crack a walnut in front of him). It was an awful present, but he actually seemed to like it!

    He is a nice man, though. He tends to get road rage when he drives us anywhere, but as archaeologists go he's incredibly cool (from a dress sense point of view). I mean, he's cool anyway, but he even looks like he works out. And you only have to look at his trendy glasses to see that he's not a stripey jumper stereotyped sort of guy!

    So I was in York. We had a talk from the person who runs the York Archaeological Trust, which was very interesting. Didn't have time for much else. Not by the time we'd had lunch in a pub and found a present for Mark! Heh...

    And Saturday was Ali's birthday. I worked out my presentation for Monday (did some overhead projector acetates), and in the evening we all went to the pub and had dinner. To celebrate Ali's big day.

    I'm not feeling eloquent, so I doubt I've done justice to what is (unusually) a slightly more exciting few days!

    But you get the idea. :)

    Wednesday, December 4

    I wish I would just get better.

    I mean, yesterday I hit the point where I wasn't so ill that I couldn't really move, but I didn't feel well still. So I made myself go to Uni and do things, because I felt determined to get better. But I felt awful.

    And today? I dunno. I could quite happily have stared into space and done nothing. But I've written my presentation about "small finds" for Monday. I just need to do some overhead projector acetates. Hmm.

    I like my hair. :p

    Stargate was really good tonight. Although Ali was being pedantic. I mean, if you were actually in a Sci-Fi situation, would you really think of the things you can think of when you're watching the show? Am I making sense? Hmm. She obviously thinks you would. It was sad, though. There was a man with extremely mournful eyes... And an evil guy with an English accent. Because all of us Brits are evil. Mwahahahaha.

    It was Unnatural Selection, if you were wondering. Which means the UK is now ahead of everyone in the world for Stargate broadcasting! Woo-hoo!

    You might have noticed that I linked to Ali in that last paragraph. Because today she set up a weblog. With the same template as someone else I know. But presumably her having a weblog means that we won't have to talk to each other any more (we live in the same house - she owns it) but instead can communicate entirely via the internet! There may be a slight delay in deciding what to have for dinner, though, so maybe some verbal communication will be necessary. Oh well. :p

    Oh, someone I know e-mailed me this, it's quite amusing..!

    > Subject: Urgent Message from IT Department
    > Dear All,
    > There are a lot of changes that are going to be taking place
    > across the board as far as the servers & personal computers
    > go. The goal is to remove all laptop computers by December
    > 2002 and all desktops computers by February 2003 as a
    > part of the ongoing cost-cutting around the company.
    > Instead, everyone will be provided with an Etch-A-Sketch.
    > There are many sound reasons for doing this:
    > 1. No boot-up problems
    > 2. No technical glitches keeping work from being done.
    > 3. No more wasted time reading and writing emails.
    > 4. No more worries about power cuts.
    > 5. Budget savings on Upgrades unparalleled Frequently Asked
    > Questions from the Etch-A-Sketch Help Desk:
    > Q : My Etch-A-Sketch has all of these funny little lines all over the
    > screen.
    > A: Pick it up and shake it.
    > Q: How do I turn my Etch-A-Sketch off?
    > A: Pick it up and shake it.
    > Q: What's the shortcut for Undo?
    > A: Pick it up and shake it.
    > Q: How do I create a New Document window?
    > A: Pick it up and shake it.
    > Q: How do I set the background and foreground to the same
    > colour?
    > A: Pick it up and shake it.
    > Q: What is the proper procedure for rebooting my Etch-A-Sketch?
    > A: Pick it up and shake it.
    > Q: How do I delete a document on my Etch-A-Sketch?
    > A: Pick it up and shake it.
    > Q: How do I save my Etch-A-Sketch document?
    > A: Don't shake it.
    > Regards
    > IT Solutions


    Tuesday, December 3

    None of the photos show what my hair's really like. Maybe I could take one outside, so that I don't have the lack of light/flash problem. Hmmm... I like my hair, but I'm not sure what other people think of it. Out of all the people I've met today, only two commented. One (the one I know best) sort of peered at me strangely until I said, "It's still me!", and the other said it looked good. So I don't know. Hmm.

    It was the most entertaining trip to the hairdresser that I've ever had, though, that's for sure! As Mum suggested, I took a picture of Carter with me. The one I posted below. One good thing about feeling ill was that I didn't care what people thought about me wanting my hair like Carter, so I went for it. I gave him the picture. And he said, "Oh, you watch that...(pause)" and I said, "Stargate", thinking that'd be the end of it. He insisted on keeping the picture so that he could see it and cut the hair as similar as possible, which was fun. And then an old lady (I'm not sure whether she was helping him out or just hanging around - she made herself a mug of tea and swept the floor a bit) exclaimed, "You watch Stargate?". In a good way. :)

    And when he'd finished my hair, he told me that he thought Richard Dean Anderson was playing it for laughs even more than he used to. And he also said he was fed up with the Carter/O'Neill will they/won't they aspect of the show. All of which was surprising. They watched Stargate. Wow....

    It was a strange experience, but good. I mean, it was just him, dealing with several haircuts and answering the phone all at the same time. And listening to a CD that was helping him relive his youth (apparently). It was great! And it was also incredibly cheap - only £5.50. I couldn't believe how cheap it was! Heh...

    It was "Michael's" of Knighton Lane (?) in Leicester.

    And to think I only picked him because he was close to my house!

    Cool. :)

    Monday, December 2

    Sorry, I have been ill. Still am, rather. But here is something to fill the terrible weblog interlude...




    He has a bowler hat, go figure.


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