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Saturday, August 30

Hmm... lots of work, so little time. :(

I've been continuing my 'working until 4 or 5 then playing Star Wars Galaxies for a while' approach. I bought my dancing wookiee Fyrrra some new clothes. I now have the Sage's Hood, which she wears all the time, a weighted top for doing surveying and shooting things in, black shoulderpads, a while and black sigilled waist wrap, a black 'decorated' waist wrap which looks like it has a sporren, a plain black one, and also some decorated gloves, which I don't really like. I kind of wanted a totally black sigilled wrap, without the white part, but maybe if I buy white shoulderpads it'll all match nicely.

It's really hard buying dancing clothes for wookiees! Everyone else just wears bikini things or 'flesh wraps' which are basically a bunch of tiny straps that show as much as possible! It might be hard dressing for dancing when you're a wookiee, but I don't know if I'd want to dance wearing such revealing things. :)

Anyway, there's a pic of the hood/shoulderpads/sigilled wrap combo on the Fyrrra@SWG page up at the top of the page. There's also a pic of Fyrrra dancing with a matching combat staff, which works quite well with the 'popular' dance. I considered doing loads of pictures and getting people to vote on what she should wear, but... it would take ages to do the captures! I can't see a way to do it apart from printscreening. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine had a very useful option where you pressed a button and it saved all the printscreens to a special folder. Thoughtful... and also a Lucasarts game. Obviously.

Talking of Lucasarts, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night. It was very good fun. Lots of swashbuckling, and ships, and cool piratey things. It did make me think of Ghost Pirate LeChuck in places. Hehe. And I thought it was odd that the navy men were criticised for not being able to swim. Traditionally sailors couldn't swim, since they figured it was better to die quickly. Interesting fact.

I suppose I'd better go and do stuff.

I promised my brother I'd play with my bass guitar at some point today. I haven't tried the stand, lead and 'fast fret' stuff yet, and he gave them to me a week ago... I said I'd give him a million pounds if I didn't use them, and he wanted me to tell Ali to tie me up. Like I have a million pounds!

He's the one who just spent £280 on more drum kit stuff. Chimes that cost £105 and two more cymbals. Tut tut. ;)

I really am going now!

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): neighbours (bbc 1) / WATCHING (CINEMA): pirates of the caribbean - the curse of the black pearl / READING: atar wars new jedi order 1: vector prime (r.a. salvatore) / LISTENING: blade runner soundtrack (vangelis); you gotta go there to come back (stereophonics); performance and cocktails (stereophonics)

Wednesday, August 27

I decided to have a go at the Nation States game that Mr Random mentioned.

My nation can be viewed here, but here is the basic info...

The Rogue Nation of Dinosaurus

"You bad we stomp you"

UN Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Civil Rights: Below Average
Economy: Strong
Political Freedoms: Excellent

Location: the Pacific

The Rogue Nation of Dinosaurus is a tiny, pleasant nation, renowned for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 5 million have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.

The medium-sized government concentrates mainly on Law & Order, although Education and Healthcare are on the agenda. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 11%. A tiny private sector is dominated by the Uranium Mining industry.

Crime is a problem. Dinosaurus's national animal is the chicken and its currency is the roaarrrr.

Tuesday, August 26

Okay, well, I've just done something that may open me up to many, many attacks, but I've uploaded a video clip that John took with my digital camera on Sunday. So now you can see my friends and family! But not John, because he was behind the camera. I think other people may well have a picture of John. ;)

And it's not completely unfair because I'm in it. So... :)

You can say this is Daisy's fault. She wanted to see a picture of Rob. Hehe.

Download the clip here!

I could have made it smaller but I figured I had space at the moment so I'd put a decent quality clip on there.

Should I explain who everyone is?

In order of appearance:

  • The guy in black with the camera is Rob.
  • The grey haired man with the blue shirt is my Dad.
  • My Mum is next to him.
  • The small blonde haired female person is Harriet, and she's trying to use Will to hide behind, I think.
  • I'm standing in front of Will and Harriet. I'm not wearing glasses.
  • Ali's standing to my right, and she pulls a funny face.
  • And last of all, Mark is trying to run away from the camera.

Madness. :)

Since Ali, Mark and Rob have all blogged about my birthday outing (and their fighting) on Sunday, perhaps I don't need to. I did enjoy travelling on the Great Central Railway. Steam trains are fun.

It wasn't the best steam railway I've been on though. There were no tunnels (which are good because Ali holds her breath through them) and no curves, so you couldn't see the engine pulling you along. But the Loughborough station was great, with lots of cast iron decoration and old luggage and, well, the fat controller was there too! Wow... Or Sir Topham Hat, as he now seems to be called.

And yes, it was 10 days after my birthday. But hey. I finally received my brother's presents, and wow they're good presents! I have a special guitar lead that has a switch on the lead, so I can unplug it from the guitar while the amp's on. He also bought me Fast Fret (to make my fingers faster, apparently) and an excellent guitar stand. Now I can play at church and be totally equipped! Cool! And as if that wasn't enough he also bought me a mini-maglite and swiss army card. I mean, one of those ones that's a bit like a credit card instead of a knife. I'll feel like MacGyver. Possibly.

So we had the train trip, then a BBQ, and then Ali, Mark and Rob made the house look like a bomb site. I feel like tidying when I go downstairs, but I have to resist because I have to do work. I only have three weeks and one day left... Everything's taking me so much longer than I planned, and, well, aargh!

I think that's all I have to say. :)

Except that I think everyone's had car incidents in their past, haven't they? I will now relate all the stupid driving misadventures I've had in an attempt to make myself look like a terrible driver, because Ali is a good driver whose reverse parking amazes me! I mean, I tend to just crash into stationary things. If I could reverse park like her I wouldn't have had any of these accidents!

My worst one was a skip when I was reverse parking on a very crowded street. I misjudged it and the corner of the skip screeeeched along the side of the car leaving a rather ugly gouge. It actually lifted one side of the car off the ground, I think. And don't ever try to park in the Stansted Mountfitchet car park! If you manage to get into a space, there's no guarantee you'll be able to escape again without... unpleasantness. And the last one, well, that was reversing in a petrol station. There was a car parked to the left behind me, and I caught the corner of it. Very slowly, mind you, and there was no damage. But the person yelled at me a bit about how stupid I was before letting me go. I knew I was stupid. :(

My brother John had this theory about the longer I went without driving the better at it I became. Maybe he has a point. :)

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): hungarian grand prix (itv) / READING: Star Wars New Jedi Order 1: Vector Prime (R.A. Salvatore) / LISTENING: blade runner soundtrack (vangelis)

Saturday, August 23

I guessed that those weird attachments were viruses, that's why I didn't open them. ;)

I never open suspicious attachments. I don't even open some not quite so suspicious ones, just to be on the safe side. Where my PC is concerned I don't trust anyone! Hehe...

The tagboard's working again though, that's good.

And on the subject of Star Wars Galaxies, as a sort of stress relief I got some marksman training. I'm running around destroying diseased nuna lairs and the like. Shooting stuff. You get a lot more money doing that than dancing! Most of the other dancers in Moenia are always AFK, training with macros, which is really dull. At least in other cantinas people were there that you could talk to...


I live in a strange world of Star Wars, Roman pottery assemblages, Ali and Rob.

Believe me, it is strange... ;)

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): neighbours (bbc 1) / READING: Star Wars New Jedi Order 1: Vector Prime (R.A. Salvatore) / LISTENING: various christian CD's; you gotta go there to come back (stereophonics) / PLAYING: star wars galaxies

Friday, August 22

What's going on with the tagboard..?

I just wrote a really long post and lost it when I tried to publish. Something a bit odd is going on with my internet connection.

I could try and remember what I said.

First of all I mentioned the fact that out of 47 e-mails in 19 hours to my spam account I've had 7 with .pif attachments. This is a new development and it intrigues me. I wonder what they do? They all have subjects like 'Re: Thank you!' and 'Re: That movie'. Interesting.

Secondly, the meeting on Wednesday was fine. He just wanted to make sure I was doing work and talking to Nick, which I am. But I have less than four weeks now to finish it all. Hmm...

He also gave me some marks back. I got 70% for my reconstruction portfolio, which is a distinction, so hooray! My GIS project made 66%, which is a relief, and I got 60-something for my drawing portfolio (I forget the exact number). Anything in the 60's is fine by me!

And we talked about the secret dig. I just have to get there, and he'll land cruiser me back to Leicester. Wow, a week of archaeological fun. It's been so long since I've been on a dig, it's a bit scary, but then I find most things scary. Ah well. He suggested I take my CV, too, and everyone can sit around the campfire drinking too much and deciding my fate. It's probably not the best way to decide on a career. ;)

When I said I had to go and buy BBQ food (Ali and I were off to a church small group BBQ type thing) he suggested I take something unusual. Like soup. He's quite amusing sometimes! ;)

Hmm... so I've been doing a lot of work. But there's too much to do. :(

Thirdly, Mark came round yesterday afternoon, with my birthday presents! He bought me the rest of the stuff on my wishlist and an Airzooka which he shot me with, a lot. But Ali and I got to watch his 'passing out' video, so we got a bit of payback. He looks very smart in his policeman's uniform. And his marching was lovely. :p

I haven't been on the internet so much in the evenings, because I've been spending a lot of time with Rob. Sometimes I wonder if we ought to spend so much time together, but I don't care.

I reckon it's impossible to know how good all this feels until it happens to you. *sigh*

You can tell me if I get too soppy. I think Rob's soppiness might be rubbing off on me.


I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): neighbours (bbc 1); firefly (scifi) / READING: the wee free men (terry pratchett) / LISTENING: soldier girl (polyphonic spree); since I left you (the avalanches); fashion nugget (cake) / PLAYING: star wars galaxies

Wednesday, August 20

Guess I'd better post again. Can't think what to say though. Hmmmm.

I could sit here and eat my cornflakes, maybe I'll get some inspiration.

*munch munch munch*

Well, I've eaten my cornflakes and I've written an e-mail telling my Dad some stuff I want him to bring up on Sunday. I'm having my birthday thing Sunday, you see. It's 10 days after my birthday because various people couldn't make it to other Sundays. So my parents and brother are coming to visit. It should be fun.

We're going here for the afternoon. Steam trains, cool! And in a bizarre twist of fate it's a special sort of day - a Day out with Thomas, no less. Hehe.

I get a 10 day birthday. Woo-hoo!

My dissertation seems to be, well, I dunno. I have a whole load of information and stuff everywhere but I feel a bit snowed under by it. I'm waiting for that moment of inspiration where I go, "Ah!" and everything clicks. I had a slight one yesterday when I realised that several of the plans fitted together (they're all different levels drawn during excavation, so fitting them together isn't as easy as it sounds). They're the first phase - the 1st century military stuff - but there isn't much pottery. Which means I can't really analyse much. There was some stuff in the main drainage ditch.

I don't have all the context sheets though. I don't know what some of the archaeological codes refer to because I don't have the appropriate sheets. There are 10 or so in a row missing in 150 or so. Strange. I'll have to e-mail Eberhard. He gave me his mobile number but that's just scary. Hehe. I could text him...

Anyway, I have to go and see the course supervisor today to tell him what I've done. He's running the secret dig I'm going on, and he's also the person who wants me to do him a website for his project. He's a nice guy. I don't know where his office is, though. I'm fairly sure I know which building to go to (they moved the archaeology department, you see). He gave me some guidance as to which room was his, but (in his words), "I wont give you any more clues than that to make it more of an adventure ;-)"...

Can't think of anything else to say. :)

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): mash (paramount); spin city (paramount); neighbours (bbc 1); totp 2 (bbc 2) / READING: the wee free men (terry pratchett) / LISTENING: soldier girl (polyphonic spree); fallen angel (elbow)

Monday, August 18

Well I never, record album sales in the UK? And not only that, but apparently file swappers buy more music! I've certainly bought more albums having been given the chance to download and listen to things before spending my hard earned money. I feel less guilty about downloading stuff now! Hehe...

Sunday, August 17

Weeeell, I added a Fyrra the Dancing Wookiee Star Wars Galaxies page. It might be a little picture heavy. I crunched them quite a bit but they're pretty large (pixel wise) so...

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): futurama (sky one); fame academy (bbc 1) / READING: blade runner annual / LISTENING: fashion nugget (cake)

Saturday, August 16

I suppose I should write something, but I don't really know what to write. I thought I ought to show my face, that sort of thing. First of all enormous thanks to everyone who sent me presents and cards. I loved reading the entertaining comments on those Amazon gift tags! You're all great. :D

I now have lots of Star Wars: New Jedi Order books to read, and a bunch of new CD's to listen to. Hooray!

I didn't do much, really. Nothing 'special' - people keep enquiring about what I did - but it was a very good day. I had to get up when my Nan phoned at 8am, and then I opened all my Amazon boxes. And I had a tracked remote control vehicle from Ali. I haven't tried it yet - I had to charge the battery pack. Could be fun! There was a jiffy bag with a card and an 'air pillow' from my parents and brother.

Apparently the pillow is to go with the tent my Mum's buying me so I can go on that secret archaeology dig. Hehe.... John hadn't signed the card - Mum wrote his name in it for him. In crayon. Um, and there were some cards from my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins, my grandparents, my Auntie Ruth and Daisy. That last card is brilliant! It has e-mail and spacemonkeys and everything. Well, one spacemonkey. :)

Ali went to work, so I ran a bath. My Nanny and Grandad phoned up. I did a bit of work, finished the new Michael Crichton book Prey, listened to some of my new Athlete CD, and then Rob came round. He wasn't here long, since had had to go to the doctor's, but we had lunch together. He gave me a flint arrowhead necklace (his incredibly talented Dad makes flint tools!), which is one of the most interesting presents I've ever had!

While he was at the doctor's I played the bass guitar a bit. Haven't played it so much lately. I don't know why, I just don't think of it. When I'm playing I love playing it. Another one of those weird things... I played a little bit of Star Wars Galaxies as well. I did lots of my favourite things. :)

Rob came back after that. Ali had suggested we all go out for something, but I'm just as happy (if not happier) staying at home as going out. This is probably why I never go anywhere! We hadn't had chip based takeaway for ages, so I suggested we do that. I had one of the strange (but nice) Balti pies and chips. Mmmm.

It was indescribably nice spending time alone with Rob - Ali disappeared to do stuff for Hullabaloo, you see. Being close to him makes me feel very safe. I don't really feel like I ought to say too much on a weblog, because a) you probably aren't finding it that interesting and b) it's nice to have some privacy but... he made my birthday very special in a terrifying way. (This probably sounds dodgier than it actually was, hehe.)

Let's just say I'm a good Christian girl, so factor that into your 'working out what happened' equation.

And yes, I know, I'm 24, it doesn't seem possible... but I am a geek. :p

Bah, so much for privacy.

Maybe I should delete that part of the post.

But I don't want to.

It was vague.


I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): music videos (the amp); neighbours (bbc 1); mash (paramount); spin city (paramount); totp (bbc 1) / READING: prey (michael crichton) / LISTENING: vehicles and animals (athlete); fashion nugget (cake); chicago set (freeland) / PLAYING: star wars galaxies

Wednesday, August 13

I'm back! I told you I would be. :)

Okay, I would be playing Star Wars Galaxies (I have a rule where I can play after 4 if I've been working hard) but the servers are down. They did a huge update today. No sexy wookiee dancing clothes though! It's tough being a dancing wookiee. I did get a cheap wrap which kind of goes with my hood. When I get enough points for "Novice Dancer" I might treat myself to a rather nice sigilled wrap from Squaw's shop, but... Ah, it won't take long. Admittedly it'll take longer if I only play for a couple of hours a day max, but I have other things to do with my life! Better things. ;)

Better things than computers, who'd have thought? What a strange and yet pleasant turn my life has taken...

What have I been doing, then? What are my thoughts on this, the last day of my 23rd year of existence? I don't have anything profound to say, so here is a picture of Fyrrra the dancing wookiee...

Saturday Night Fever

Well, okay, nothing profound but... I have to say that I never thought I'd be where I am now. A couple of months ago the last thing I'd have predicted happening to me would be Rob. And not just because he's Rob, with all the millions of things that make him the person who means so much to me, but because, well, he's male. I have a man in my life. Who'd have thought that would happen? I'm gradually getting used to the idea. I'm still terrified, every now and again when I think about it, but he's so sweet and considerate... he's trying not to scare me. :)

Haha, I'm gradually destroying his dark gothic image with the power of the internet!

Other things that have happened this year, hmm. Obviously going back to uni to do my masters degree (Professional Archaeological Practice). In a month or so that'll be over, although I have to write my dissertation first. It's a slow process, but I usually get these things done. Normally at quite a large physical and mental cost, but hey. I regenerate afterwards. ;)

I do miss Southend, but it's good being back in Leicester for many, many reasons. I miss my Mum and Dad and my insane brother, but I phone them a lot. I miss the evening church, Emmaus in Ashingdon, where I played the bass guitar. I even miss WHSmith, but I keep in touch with some of my work friends.

But I've spent my 23rd year in Leicester. Living with Ali is always fun, and she's the best friend I've ever had by miles. I don't know what I'd do without her. Being in Leicester I've been able to meet up with Mark on a regular basis, with all his sillyness and police related activities. Sadly the police work means the Sunday afternoon visits are harder to arrange. You know, he makes watching Grands Prix even more fun than they already are! Hehe. Plus I've made some great new friends, like mad little Harriet and her (now husband) Will. And of course if I wasn't in Leicester I wouldn't have met Rob. ;)

In the world of the internet, and the Stargate community in particular, I've only done one new thing. The old stuff's still going... Jaffa Kree, my Chris Judge (Teal'c) site, was SciFi.com's pick of the month in April. I don't update it so much these days. But the new thing is a sort of e-zine that's about all aspects of Stargate. It started because I was annoyed at the Daniel/Jonas fracture, among other things, that was making the fandom a sad place to live. So, I set up Stargate United. I think it's passable, and it does seem to have 171 members. Dunno how that happened, but it's kinda cool...

I bet there are some really important things about my 23rd year that I've completely forgotten to mention.

I haven't driven a car for the whole year. That's an interesting fact.

Okay, it's not that interesting.

Hmmm. Perhaps I'll leave it there. Profound birthday blogging may resume later.


I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): firefly (scifi); neighbours (bbc 1) / WATCHING (DVD): red dwarf series 2 / READING: the curious incident of the dog in the night time (mark haddon); prey (michael crichton) / LISTENING: born to reign (will smith); we want your soul (freeland); help me (timo maas featuring kelis) / PLAYING: star wars galaxies

I'm sorry, I would have blogged more, but... well... I didn't. :p

I think Ali probably wants me to get ready to go to the city centre with her, but I'm blogging instead. She'll complain if I don't blog, so either way I can't really win. Although maybe I could blog later without making her trip late. Hmm.

Hmm, she just asked if I was ready. ;)

I'd better go.

Maybe I'll be back later. :)

Friday, August 8

The Mark Owen lyrics are on this archived page, the entry for the 29th July, OKAY?!?!?

Ah, you did. Thanks. :)


Why won't you publish, blogger, why? Why? WHY???!?!?!

Ali told me I had to blog. I can't think what to say, and I'm listening to music quite loudly so I can't really concentrate on what I'm typing. ;)

The Mark Owen lyrics are still in 29th July's entry. If they disappear from this page they'll be in the archives. I'm sure you can use your brain to find them. Mwahahaha.

What's new with me? Not much. I can't believe how quickly this week has gone. It has been excessively hot all week, although today it was a bit cooler. Hot, but after the extreme heat of the rest of the week it seemed, well, maybe even a little chilly!

What have I done this week? Hmmmm. Let's see. I've done some work, for my dissertation. I've played a bit of Star Wars Galaxies. I've completed Beneath a Steel Sky. I've read some books, watched a bit of TV, done a few things with Rob...

You know, Rob and I have been going out for a month. Scary. He bought me flowers the other day. They're very nice flowers. I didn't have any vases big enough for them. I bought one large vase, and I split the flowers up into that and two small ones. There are flowers everywhere. And they remind me of him whenever I see them. Like I need reminding. ;)

I reformatted Brian this morning (my laptop) in an attempt to fix his slow SETI@home problem. It hasn't fixed it. If reformatting won't, then what's wrong with him? There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with his processor. Weird.

Um... I'll leave it there. I can't think what else to say.

Darcy was arrested! Yes, he is evil..!!!!!!

Oh, I have four Amazon packages now. One's really big! Cool!!!

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): fame academy (bbc 1); neighbours (bbc 1) / WATCHING (DVD): stargate (the changeling) / WATCHING (VIDEO): terminator 2 / READING: a conspiracy of paper (david liss); like a hole in the head (jen banbury) / LISTENING: a funk odyssey (jamiroquai); chicago set (freeland) / PLAYING: star wars galaxies; beneath a steel sky

Tuesday, August 5

Hello all you hundreds of Mark Owen fans! Little did I realise, when posting those lyrics, that so many people would end up here. Although this is the first site Google comes up with. Cooool.

The lyrics are in Tuesday July 29th's entry. They will be archived here. If they've fulfilled your search request desires then why not leave a message on the tagboard? Or if they haven't you could leave a message of annoyance. Either way it'd be nice to know something about the hordes of visiting people. :)

With all this interest I feel especially bad that I couldn't figure out the indecipherable bridge. Oh well...

For regular readers, maybe you want to know what I've been up to since Saturday. Hmmmm.

Obviously much of the weekend was taken up with watching the German F1 GP. I don't seem to have watched the qualifying for ages, what with Rob's trips, so I did that for a change. And in the evening Rob came round, having returned from his holiday. Which was nice.

The GP itself was pretty exciting. The first corner incident meant that a few unusual faces got the chance to shine. David Coulthard actually did a good job for a change (it irks me that he's done so badly lately, since I've been a particular fan of his for so long). He finished second. Hooray! There were some good overtaking moves, and of course that exciting camera on a wire that Mark and I had been looking forward to seeing again so much. Excellent. :)

It's been kind of hot, lately. Too hot for me. I haven't managed to get much work done. I feel like I am accomplishing very little. But... I dunno, there are good things happening too. I can sort of block out the panic that I won't get my dissertation done with the good things.

I've had another present from my wishlist. That's exciting. And, ooooh, there's another service I can perform for people out there searching for things..! And here it is...

Many many people come here wanting to know how you can run Beneath a Steel Sky under Windows XP. The short answer to this has always been that you can't. But this is no longer the case! For many years an excellent bunch of people have been releasing a constantly evolving utility called ScummVM. Although this has primarily ensured that old Lucasarts games will run with modern PC's, they've worked with the excellent folk at Revolution to make sure that Beneath a Steel Sky is included in the latest update. Not only that, but Revolution have released BASS as freeware, so you can download ScummVM and BASS and enjoy what is one of the best adventure games ever made! Can things get any better than that? Hooray!

Basically you need to install ScummVM, point it to the directory containing BASS on your hard drive, and enjoy. If you're running Windows you need the download entitled "Windows Installer (1.0M Win32 .exe)". The BASS download is further down the page - you can choose either the floppy version or the CD version (which is way better because it has voices!).

That's about all I have to say...!

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): german grand prix (itv); neighbours (bbc 1) / READING: a conspiracy of paper (david liss) / LISTENING: radio 1 / PLAYING: star wars galaxies; beneath a steel sky

Saturday, August 2

Hmm, I have a birthday present! That's exciting. I wonder who it's from? It's something off of my wishlist. Yaaay! But I have to wait a whole 2 weeks until I can open it. Boooo.

Something else that's made me smile is the fact that Mark appears to have bought the B-52's CD that I put on eBay. Silly boy. What's even funnier is that he seems to have joined purely to bid on it. Hmmmm. ;)

I made about £35 with those 12 CD's. I didn't sell the Hefner single, but since I bought it kind of without meaning to I suppose that's understandable. The CD's that went for the most money were: The Specials "Too Much Too Young" at £5.50, the Final Fantasy soundtrack at £5.01, Radiohead's "OK Computer" for £4.70 and Kylie's Greatest Hits and the B-52's "Planet Claire" for £4.20 each. A weird mixture of stuff, and I've definitely made a profit on several of those...!

Can't really think what else to say.

Hmm. I made a shepherd's pie yesterday. It was okay. Ali was very enthusiastic about it before she ate it. I didn't receive any feedback afterwards. ;)

And, oh, I cleaned the bathroom this morning. Yuck... Bathrooms are slimy.

That's about it, I think.

I have been mostly.... WATCHING (TV): neighbours (bbc 1); top of the pops (bbc 1) / READING: a conspiracy of paper (david liss) / LISTENING: the madness / PLAYING: star wars galaxies

He has a bowler hat, go figure.


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